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    LAXFed Launches To Unite “Media Minded" Clubs

    from press release


    The Lax Federation, or LAXFed, creates a network of media-driven clubs focused on promoting players through video and saving clubs money through AAA-styled member benefits. LAXFed helps independent, home grown lacrosse clubs maximize their reach and enjoy the heft of larger organizations by working together. LAXFed organizes media-driven, value-priced events for its members, but leaves them freedom to attend the best events for their club.
    There is no monetary requirement to join. “The LAXFed will do for club programs what they cannot do alone. It will serve as a network between clubs, their players and college coaches", says Michael Wright, LAXFed founder who runs Buffalo Lacrosse Academy and has helped over 200 players reach their goal of playing college lacrosse. “The LAXFed is a longtime coming, I’ve always been committed building a platform where club lacrosse programs can work together and deliver their players a central hub of resources to play college lacrosse.”
    LAXFed members must partner their HS-recruit aged teams with ConnectLAX. ConnectLAX provides an integrated video solution for club programs with a recruit profile, highlight video and video library for every player. This in effect creates a media ecosystem and content to promote LAXFed members and its players.
    LAXFed events focus on maximizing the player’s exposure at the event and after. LAXFed showcases include film and a highlight video with registration and the LAXFed then contacts every college coach who can view all the film, along with a coach package of highlight videos, through the LAXFed partnership with ConnectLAX. “I approached ConnectLAX about integrating video into our events because I saw their recruiting coverage and video packages with highlight videos were helping our players get recruited post event”, says Michael Wright. Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r82xktyqMSs
    “We’re creating a funnel between LAXFed events that integrate video and college coaches looking for video given their staff and travel constraints.”, says Gage Mersereau of ConnectLAX. “By sharing event film that’s tied to our digital coach package with player info, we’re trying to help coaches be more targeted and efficient in their search.” ConnectLAX is the fastest growing recruiting service in lacrosse and by year end, the largest.
    The LAXFed is launching with 10 member clubs and welcome interested clubs to reach out and learn more here: http://laxfederation.com/





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