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    How Coming Changes At LaxPower Will Affect JustLacrosse Upstate Visitors

    Very recently LaxPower (and their parent company, Active Network) released a list of changes that have been made or are coming soon the their site. Many of the changes being made will affect which of their services will still be available at their website, and those that will only be available by reaching LaxPower though their new App. Still others will only be available behind a pay wall to monthly or yearly subscribers. Because of these changes, there will be changes in what we can provide at JustLacrosse Upstate.
    JustLacrosse has been a fan, member, and user of LaxPower since December 21, 2004. In fact, had we known about LaxPower before we began our own efforts in sharing lacrosse news with Upstate New Yorkers, JustLacrosse probably would have never happened. LaxPower's greatness and popularity grew because it was obvious the founders and staff truly loved the game of lacrosse. They have never taken issue with their proprietary computer data that we have passed along, and we were always sure to credit LaxPower.
    With these changes, though, we will no longer be able to compile and list the LaxPower Computer Ranking Top 20 for Boys and Girls. If fact, you will not even have access to the computer rankings yourself through LaxPower unless you pay for the premium app.  We don't put much credence in high school polls since many of the voters in those polls never get to watch the teams they vote on actually play. But the computer rankings with the strength of schedule aspect seemed to be a much better way to rank teams from different areas of the state and country. We really did enjoy collecting and sorting this information for our visitors and are sad that it has to end.
    Since it has always been our general policy not to link to stories or features that would require our visitors to be asked to subscribe by the source, and since LaxPower is not sure at this time which features will be free or pay, or limited to their website or their App, we will be taking down our LaxPower Tools page.
    If at some point we can, with LaxPower's blessing, acquire the computer ranking data for the New York Upstate High School Sections, we would be be glad to once again provide the Top 20 lists.
    Dennis Pettit
    JustLacrosse Upstate

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