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    Former Orange All-American Mitch Rapp coming to the big screen

    Ummm. Mitch who? Former Orange All-American? Did I miss something?

    If you are asking those questions now, then you've been missing out on the exploits of Mitch Rapp, arguably the best known SU lacrosse player of all time (well, aside from Jim Brown).

    Mitch Rapp is the centerpiece of the very successful career of author Vince Flynn. In the universe created by Flynn, Rapp was an All-American lacrosse player at Syracuse University in the mid '80s, choosing the Orange over North Carolina because his high school sweetheart was going to study broadcasting at SU. Her death, as one of the students lost in the December 21, 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 changed Mitch's life forever. His anger and pain was funneled into a successful career as the CIA’s most lethal and efficient counterterrorism operative. Picture a better educated, more intelligent, athletic, and more dedicated Jack Bauer. And by the way, there was a Mitch Rapp before there was a Jack Bauer. Not coincidently, Flynn was asked to consult on four episodes of 24 during its fifth season.

    A Minnesota native, Vince Flynn began his rise to prominence, and that of Mitch Rapp, by self-publishing his first book, Term Limits , after sixty rejection letters over five years. The book reached number one in the Twin Cities, and within the week Flynn had a two-book deal with Pocket Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint. On November 18, 2007 Protect and Defend, his ninth political thriller, topped the New York Times bestseller list. A few months later, CBS Films optioned the rights for Flynn’s Mitch Rapp character with the intention of creating a character-based, action-thriller movie franchise.

    Lorenzo di Bonaventura ("Transfomers") and Nick Wechsler ("We Own the Night")  will be producing the Mitch Rapp films for CBS Films, and Jonathan Lemkin ("Leathal Weapon 4", "Red Planet") has written a screenplay. Flynn told a booksigning crowd this week that his novel Consent to Kill will be the first to make it to the big screen. And who will be cast as Mitch Rapp? While Flynn favors Gerald Butler ("Law Abiding Citizen"), he said in a recent interview on Dr. Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour that the part is Brad Pitt's to accept or decline.

    It is possible a future book offering might put more of a spotlight on Syracuse University and its lacrosse program. Flynn mentions on his website that he plans on writing about a young Mitch Rapp as he is introduced to the CIA.

    The eleventh Mitch Rapp story, Pursuit of Honor, is due in bookstores October 13th.




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